What Policing Should Look Like

Given the continuing stream of stories about police removing their badges and IDs while arresting journalists, the militarization of US police forces, and the killing of unarmed black youths, we can all do with an example of smart policing.

Arguing with Yourself

Express your own closely held belief as a statement of fact and go from there. It saves having to persuade anybody.

What I wish she'd said...

Jon Stewart asked a reasonable question of Nancy Pelosi and got a less than complete or useful answer. Here's what I wish she'd said...

Time and Chance

Results depend on initial conditions, luck, and merit. Be slow to assume you deserve your successes and others their failures. But don't take my word for it....

Advice to a friend’s sons

I wouldn't have listened or followed this when I was in my twenties, and I doubt anyone else will. But a friend asked and giving advice is fun. Stretch, fund your 401K, keep a journal, and focus on the challenge: you'll work for 10K days or more, so invest in finding something you won't hate doing.

Television Shows we've watched

We watch virtually no live broadcast TV. We Tivo some HD broadcast content, but we mostly binge watch shows we stream from Amazon Video or Hulu Plus.

From Tumblr to Here

A Meetup invitation mentioned middleman, a static website generator. Two weeks later and counting I'm nearly ready to pull the plug on my tumblr-hosted sites. It's been quite a journey.

Corporate Cash Overseas

Corporations have large cash assets on their books. They can't spend it for 2 reasons: a lot of it is overseas, and spending it here means big taxes; no matter where it is if they invest it in their business short-term performance suffers, the market reacts, and someone else gets a shot at running the place. Expect share buy-backs, dividend increases, and (mostly stupid) M&A.


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